There are two versions to download. OrgCon 8 is provided for historical support of the book Strategic Organizational Diagnosis and Design, but we recommend OrgCon 9 for all usage scenarios.

OrgCon 9

OrgCon 9 is provided AS-IS without any warrenty. For a single use trial, please use the following product key, for professional or academic licenses contact us for more information:


Download OrgCon9

OrgCon 8

Due to some problems with the update process of the version of OrgCon 8 shipped with the book Strategic Organizational Diagnosis and Design: Dynamics of Fit, EcoMerc recommends a reinstallation of OrgCon 8. Please note that OrgCon 8 is no longer actively supported by EcoMerc. The download below is on your own responsibility. EcoMerc highly recommends upgrading from OrgCon 8 to the newest version.

The password for the installation of OrgCon 8 is “latvia” (without the quotes). Please notice that OrgCon 8 is not supported on Windows Vista and later.

Click here to download OrgCon 8